Buy for your Future Self

Buy for your Future Self

I am a sucker for a bargain.  I am.  I’m a self-confessed shopaholic and I’m obsessed with clothes however, in my defence I try to buy clothes that I can re wear. 

I’m not going to lie; I get a buzz when I’m shopping (whether in person or online).  When I try that item on and I can immediately imagine wearing it, I’m stacking up the items it will work well with, which shoes, bags, coats, jackets, accessories etc.

Maybe it's my justification for buying it, ‘well I can wear it with my cream coat, or it will go so well with those brown boots etc’

But what I really like is when I put something on, someone comments on it and I’ve had it a few years.  It makes me feel like I’ve bought really well.

This happened the other day.  I wore a bright pink Ted Baker coat to work and one of the girls commented on how nice it is.  When I worked it out, I’ve had that coat 7 years.  7 Years?!  Its lasted longer than my first marriage!  It still looks new as it only comes out in winter and I like to think I’ve looked after it (but its great quality and they’re still selling similar designs today).

Whilst we all like the idea of investment items, we can’t all afford the designer price tags.  Even the pre-loved market can be out of people’s price ranges, so when shopping for something, I think it’s important to really consider how long the trend will last, what you can wear it with and will it stand the test of time.

There are some staple items that can really stand you in good stead and you can wear again and again.  These timeless classics will mean you can buy the cheaper, more ‘fashionable’ and ‘on trend’ items more regularly.

Consider buying:

  • A good quality coat
  • A blazer (black, navy, khaki or beige are all great colours that can be worn all year round)
  • A good fitting pair of blue jeans (the darker they are, the smarter they tend to look)
  • A good fitting pair of white jeans (for the summer)
  • Faux Leather Leggings
  • A beautiful pair of ‘best’ heels/shoes – I think the best colours to buy are black and tan as these go with everything.
  • A good quality handbag for everyday use – I prefer black or grey in winter and love tan for the summer months.

The things you will probably replace regularly are:

  • Winter boots
  • Trainers or Pumps
  • Wedges
  • Swimwear & cover ups (no matter how much you look after them or how much they cost, they do go funny with sun cream and the chlorine / salt water in pools)
  • Tops / Jumpers
  • Accessories like costume jewellery, hats and scarves

In fact as a result of lockdown, according to research, we’ve all been investing in more loungewear, joggers, and tops (due to zooming).  We’ve also spent money on jewellery and generally making our top halves look nice (I imagine all these ladies sat in pyjama bottoms and blouses with pretty necklaces on whilst on zoom calls to colleagues and customers 😊

So perhaps, before the sales end, look at what is missing from your wardrobe and if you can, search out a bargain.  I managed to grab myself a pair of ankle boots in the sale from Moda in Pelle. 

Finally, we can’t all be sensible, all of the time, and when you see that bargain or that beautiful item you ‘just have to have’, go for it!  You only live once and with sites like depop, ebay, facebook marketplace or pre-loved sites like Hardly ever worn it,Vestiaire Collective and Atelier Cheshire, you can always sell it when you’ve had enough.  That way it gets recycled and you get some money for your next items.


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